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3 sweet girls and an abandoned house

Shit-Clips - Best Scat Updates Arround the World
Published by Shit-Clips in Toilet Slavery · 17 May 2018
Tags: ShitPissPoopScatPeeingLady_ChristinaLady_YanaLady_Amina

... I have not eaten for two  days. I walked along the road for a long time and finally saw an  abandoned house. I knocked on the door and three beautiful and sleepy  girls opened the door for me. I fell on my knees before them and asked  them to give me food. Girls slyly looked at each other and said: We have  recently woken up and want to shit - we can feed you, but for this you  will help us to make repairs! I answered: of course, I will help you  with the repair, just feed me faster - I'm very hungry, I think that the  food will be very tasty and hot! Amina answered: do not even doubt, I  did not go to the toilet for 3 days, and I ate so much all for these 3  days - the taste will be crazy! Yana said: I will have diarrhea, I  hardly restrain myself so as not to crap, in vain I ate that fish  yesterday. Christina: one more condition - we'll close your eyes so that  you do not see us without panties - you'll eat in total darkness and  you will not know which of the girls uses you, you will only feel our  tastes! Ok - I answered! Amina: Come on in, it's cold and rainy outside.  

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