Fragrant Morning Asshole

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Fragrant Morning Asshole

Shit-Clips - Best Scat Updates
Published by Shit-Clips in Toilet Slavery · 25 February 2022
Tags: ShitSwallowCrapPrincess_BrookeToiletSlaveFace_SittingHumanToilet
So what better time to SMOTHER HER SLAVE! She taunts him with her ass before DROPPING it onto his face, FULL WEIGHT ON THE WOODEN FLOOR! Can you smell your breakfast? She asks as he smells the odor between her cheeks! There is no escape for her slave as she sits Forward, Reverse, and even spreads her cheeks right above his face!

When Brooke begins to feel the slaves breakfast coming, she GAGS HIM WITH A SOCK and begins SITTING FULLWEIGHT ON HIS NOSE! You can see his poor nose smear against her FRAGRANT MORNING ASSHOLE! There is nothing he can do but BREATHE IN AND OUT smelling her farts and stink!

The video ends with Brooke feeding her slave DIRECTLY FROM HER ASSHOLE and right to his mouth!

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