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Seamen and Shit

Shit-Clips - Best Scat Updates Arround the World
Published by in Toilet Slavery · 19 January 2019
Tags: MistressAnnaShitPissIgnoreToiletSlave
In my tender mercy, occasionally allow the slave to add my  piss and its own penis discharge to its diet. It is even allowed to feel  the touch of my hand on its penis to facilitate its spew.   The video begins with me sitting regally on my throne and you get to see  my face as the slave attends to my needs. I first allow it a glass of  my piss. The slave takes its place beneath my toilet. The delicate hairs  on my ass glow in the sun as my slave worships my asshole to its inner  most depths. I mostly ignore the slave, accepting his worship and  suffering as part of the natural order of things. I produce one of my  largest loads on its face. After, I make it cum-squirt into my hand and  wipe the seaman off into its face. I am sure it will go well with my  shit!

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