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The Hole Part of Shit

Uwe pick up his monthly portion of caviar from me. This time I came out of the shower when he was already there..., which is why I fill my Uwe with little to no clothing! Extremely decent portions come out for my gourmet. This time my shit Uwe also has something to swallow, whether I manage to keep the rest to myself or does Uwe have to do it again

Nikki Eats First

Princess Nikki have to eat before the slave can eat...with a full stomach she can shit a big susage....

Bad Toilet

I am in the mood, and I need to shit! So I tell my slave to get behind my ass...

Marie at Morning P1

Lady Marie sits down on the toilet seat and immediately pees their load of piss into the slaves mouth. He knows that he will swallow everything...

My new Shit Hole!

Today I use my new hole, my shithole! I baptize it in the name, Lady's Earth Closet :) It's amazing he make a really good Swallow Job.

Lady Lisas Shit Shower

Lady Lisa shits first a litlle in slaves mouth but she feels there is a lot more shit in her stomach so she make an enema.
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