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Broken Toilet 23 - Grateful Toilet

Shit-Clips - Best Scat Updates Arround the World
Published by in Toilet Slavery · 14 June 2018
Tags: AsslickingShitPissPoopScatPeeingGoddess_Tempest
...Will it miss you?  Will it be grateful for your return? Due to unforeseen circumstances  beyond my control I couldn’t use my toilet for a few days. In this video  you will see how grateful he was to be able to call himself my toilet  again :-) I returned with a very smelly ass that haven’t been washed and I show  you all the different positions you can use your toilet to lick your ass  clean. If for instance your back hurts you can use positions that is  comfortable for YOU. He is your toilet slave after all so your pleasure  and comfort is what counts! As you will see some of these positions are great if you want to  masturbate a little while he works his tongue deep into your smelly ass.  I couldn’t resist, it felt so damn good! Other positions allow you to  push a little to make sure he tastes your shit right in your asshole  before you finally take a big shit in his mouth and on his face like I  did ;-)

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