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Shit-Clips - Best Scat Updates Arround the World
Published by in Toilet Slavery · 17 March 2018
Tags: Mistress_GaiaShitPissPoopScatHumiliation
A naked male slave is kneeling on the floor his hands are bound behind  his back and connected to the ceiling. His arms are stretched out so  that his forehead is brought to the floor. He is gagged with a ball gag.  You are dressed in red high-heel shoes and a skin-tight black trouser  and a red (leather) top. You approach the male slave and walk around  him, spitting at him, kicking his balls from behind and beating him with  a crop. Then you make him lick your shoes before you disappear. When  you come back, you hold a plate filled with your caviar in your hand and  slowly approach to the male slave with a diabolical smile. You put the  plate on the floor before the male slave and let him sniff it  intensively, explaining him how well it smells. Then you brutally push  the male slave's head into the pile of caviar with your hand and order  the male slave to eat your caviar, later you push his head down into the  shit with your shoes on his head as well.

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