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Shit-Clips - Best Scat Updates Arround the World
Published by in Toilet Slavery · 30 August 2018
Tags: AdelinaScatShitAsshole_LickingBoot_Worship
Clean my dirty shoes with his tongue. You're the rug  I'm wiping my feet about. It's very fun, isn't it? After he cleaned my  shoes he will have to lick my ass hole for so long until I stop him. You  a toilet paper, ass licker for women's pleasures.. Don't stop, slave.  Just do your job well and as a reward you'll get my SHIT. Open your  mouth - shits on the way. I load your mouth and your face. Don't look at  me, just eat. Is it tasty to you? You're a Real Shit Eater, despite the  smell of my shit - you continue to lick my ass. Here get in addition my  spit. Swallow and Jerk Off!

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