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The best! GRACE

Shit-Clips - Best Scat Updates Arround the World
Published by in Toilet Slavery · 27 March 2018
Tags: ShitPoopScatAsshole_LickingFace_SittingPrincessGraceSmearingPissing
...This slave has proven to be a very good toilet. Hard facesitting and breakfast in the end. Playful Mia misses her slave so much!!! She is very cheerful today and  wants to play with her slave. Mia specially ate a lot to fill the mouth  of the poor slave with the best, delicious ‘chocolate’! To start, Mia  teases the guy. She strangles his booty, order him to sniff her juicy  holes, and laughs. And he loves it! She loves when someone swallows her  shit! Mistress Mia finally takes off her pink panties and reveals her  young ass. She is only 19 years old and she already plays such games  with the slave. Mia has completely filled the mouth of the slave, and  the guy starts choking and coughing! He begins to twitch, but Mia has  not finished yet. She also sits down on his face so that the slave can  fully enjoy the smell and taste of her chocolate! ______ Next, Mia also  pulls out a tampon from the pussy and shows it on the camera. And then  puts it on the slave's mouth, laughing at him. 2.Scat. Farting. Ass Licking Grace feeds the slave with her chocolate. 3.Coerce Scat Piss Smearing Facesitting

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